I found out I wasn’t supposed to live when I was born and I can’t stop wishing that had happened. Want to stop crying. Want to stop always feeling sad. Want to stop worrying. Want to stop caring and feeling and breathing.


DRINK by bethfromabove on Flickr.

If you think I won’t eat cream cheese with a spoon you are sadly mistaken

  • mom: are you watching in japanese? do you understand what they're saying??
  • me: hai



people who like the girl with the biggest boobs in an anime just for having big boobs are the most boring people

all about that big titty


chibi moon does not pay rent she is a terrible tenant 

  • me at the zoo: where are the dragons


"fat girls shouldn’t be allowed to cosplay"

that’s fucked up and discriminatory. no one should be allowed to cosplay


Searching for anime like

get the full experience here


Every once in a while I hear the opening of the cellar door
they listen to me weeping
the sound of pointless yearning

I must have lost my voice ages ago
but I can still hear yours
I can still feel it upset the settling dust
my veins have grown so fond of harboring

There was a time when I had nothing but love in my heart
but cold indifference has a way of turning a lake into a waterfall
and now I’m not at all sure what fills this emptiness
for the water keeps rushing away
too quickly for me to name it